YouTubers Favorite Tech of 2022, Tech Rewind

With 2022 coming to an end, your favorite tech YouTubers have rounded up their favorite tech from the past year. There is much to choose from laptops to retro consoles to headphones.  Let’s look at the top tech YouTubers have enjoyed in 2022.


A quick overview of the products mentioned in the Tech Rewind YouTube video.

Safwan’s (SuperSaf) favorite tech of 2022

The Asus ZenBook 17 Fold OLED has single-handedly revolutionized the world of technology, and it’s no surprise why SafWan from SuperSaf, one of the most renowned tech personalities in the industry, chose it as his favorite product of 2022. This unique device can be used in three ways – as a regular laptop, expanded into an impressive 17-inch tablet, or utilized with an external keyboard as a 17-inch display. Though it’s not for everybody, it opens doors for the future when the tech becomes cheaper.

iJustine favorite tech of 2022

iJustine loves the Insta360 4K webcam for its incredible versatility, allowing her to participate in conference calls and streaming. The camera uses AI tracking to follow her around, intelligently making it a great asset. It also features a whiteboard feature which is incredibly useful for educators.

Ashwin (C4E Tech) favorite tech of 2022

The Anbernic RG353V retro console is an incredible piece of tech that Ashwin from C4E Tech had the pleasure of trying out, and it’s his favorite tech product of 2022. Its tiny size makes it easy to carry around. It plays games from Game Boy, Nintendo 64, and many others. The quality of the display and responsive buttons are outstanding for its size.

Austin Evans favorite tech of 2022

Austin Evans loves the Sony LinkBuds S headphones for their stylish design and incredible sound quality. The earbuds feature advanced noise cancellation technology to ensure crisp audio, no matter the environment. He enjoys the comfortable fit, the long battery life, and the support for multiple Bluetooth devices.

Linus (Linus Tech Tips) favorite tech of 2022

Linus’s favorite tech is a tech innovation, QD OLED displays. These are very bright and vibrant were he enjoys every type of TV consumption, like playing games or watching a movie. Linus is most excited about the prices of OLED displays being pushed down because of this innovation, making it more affordable for everyone to have an OLED TV.


Other products mentioned in the tech rewind are the Garmin epix Gen 2, Bose QuietComfort Earbuds II, eufy SoloCam S40, Nothing Ear (stick), Manscaped The Weed Whacker, Nreal Air AR Glasses, DJI Mic, Lomi Composter, Imalent MS18 Flash Ligh, simplehuman No-Touch Soap Pump, and the television innovation of QD OLED pushing the prices of the OLED tv’s down.

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