This AI Matches Ryan Reynolds Humor in New Mint Mobile Ad

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We’ve seen OpenAI’s generative AI chatbot ChatGPT gain tons of attention for handling all types of human tasks, and now Ryan Reynolds has turned to AI to help write Mint Mobile TV…
In that time, I’ve owned three MacBooks and an iMac. However, when it came time to trade up my iMac for a new model last year, I got a Mac mini instead. It was the right decision. Here’s…
Ultra-portable projectors, like the EZCast Beam J4A projector, have seen many uses through the years. First, they allowed meetings to occur anywhere without regard for existing AV.
With so many Best of 2022 lists out there, who has time to read them all? Turns out: We do. But because you probably don’t, we rounded them all up, smashed ’em together and spit out the definitive…
Bitdefender Total Security is a comprehensive security suite which takes the company’s reliable antivirus engine, adds an array of essential extras, and extends its protection to cover Mac,…

After spending all day checking out the latest in tech news, I can say that some really exciting things are happening in the world of technology!

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