HP Envy 15 (2020) – Digit

Here’s our HP Envy 15 2020 Review.
With content creation starting to occupy more of the occupational landscape today, OEMs are finally starting to see the segment as a standalone business opportunity. Apple’s had this clarity for as long as they’ve had the MacBook Pro lineup, but the PC side of things is just starting to realise that creators have very specific needs, not all of which are met by gaming machines. Asus got on the bandwagon by having the display on many of their gaming machines be “Pantone certified” and Dell pivoted their XPS 15 to be more of a creator laptop than a gaming machine. Now HP is stepping up its game with the Envy 15, having it be tailor made to cater to the need of those who produce content for a living. The Envy makes a few choices that set it apart from gaming laptops, but at the end of the day, is this the right laptop for content creators or should they look somewhere else?