Dell XPS 13 Plus: Is that a… touch bar? 👀

Dell’s new XPS 13 Plus launched today, with a starting price of $1,199. It looks similar to the previous XPS 13 on the outside — but open it up, and you’ll find a new haptic touchpad, a depressed keyboard, and a “capacitive touch function row” that is, according to Dell, totally not a touch bar. There are new processors, better speakers, and an OLED display option. We’ll find out how well this new package works when the device launches worldwide in the spring.

Dell XPS 13 plus (2022)

In this review, tech reviewer The verge reviews the Dell XPS 13 plus (2022). I also collected 6 other reviews from tech reviewers around the web about the Dell XPS 13 plus (2022). Did you know they gave this laptop an average score of nan out of 10.