ASUS Zephyrus S17 Review – The Best 17″ Gaming Laptop?

I think the Asus Zephyrus S17 is a very impressive gaming laptop. Thermals, in particular, were next level, barely getting to 80 degrees Celsius while offering high levels of performance. It certainly appears that the unique lift-up keyboard design is helping. I liked typing with a mechanical keyboard more so compared to the recent Aline Wear M 15 R five, but that is personal preference, but the five-degree incline did grow on me.

The screen in my model is decent, but I’d probably lean towards the 1440p option with Advanced Optimus and Gsync simply because that will offer a speed boost in games. But if you’ll be using an external monitor anyway, then as we’ve seen, you can still get a speed boost.

With the 4K model, the battery life was lower than I would like to see, but otherwise, there’s not really too much for me to complain about, except I guess probably the price again.

With all the bells and whistles in both CPU performance and gaming, the S 17 shows us that intel 11th Gen can be competitive with AMD’s rise in 5000.

ASUS ROG Zephyrus S17 (2021)

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