What gaming laptop brand is best for gamers?

November 15, 2022

Are you looking for the best laptop for gaming? You’ve come to the right place. Gaming laptops are a lot different from regular laptops, and it can be hard to find one that will meet your needs. In this article, we go over some of the gaming laptop brands you should look for when buying a gaming laptop.

What are gaming laptops?

A gaming laptop is a laptop built specifically for gaming, as compared to the average laptop. Gaming laptops are fast and powerful, which makes them ideal for gaming. They may cost more than regular laptops, but they’re worth it if you want a good gaming experience.

Why buy a gaming laptop?

Usually, there are two main reasons: gaming performance, and mobility.

Gaming performance

Gaming laptops are fast and powerful, which makes them ideal for games. They may cost more than regular laptops, but they’re worth it if you want a good gaming experience.


Gaming laptops are also known for their mobility. Instead of being bulky like gaming computers, gaming laptops are more slim and lightweight. They come in various sizes, but gaming laptops with 15-inch screens are the most mobile and best performing gaming laptops. Gaming laptops also have excellent battery lives, which is useful for gaming on the go like in a bus or train.  A gaming laptop’s mobility makes it suitable for gaming when you can’t stay in one place for a long time.

Why shouldn’t I buy a gaming laptop?

You shouldn’t buy a gaming laptop if you are in one place all the time, because a gaming desktop will get you more value for your money. Comparing a gaming laptop with a gaming desktop and you’ll easily see that prices are cheaper (most of the time) on gaming desktops because of the component prices and being able to upgrade your PC will add far more value than a gaming laptop could at the same price. Lastly if maintained well, a gaming desktop can last you many more years than a gaming laptop.

Furthermore, consider not buying a gaming laptop when you don’t need the performance for example when playing lightweight games only (like League of Legends or a browser game like RuneScape) or only using the laptop to write documents, create spreadsheets, and browsing the web. You could consider a regular laptop, which is more affordable for these tasks. You could use the rest of your money to upgrade your at home setup.

If you do buy a gaming laptop, remember that gaming performance will be compromised if gaming laptops aren’t plugged in. Battery power doesn’t last forever, and gaming performance will suffer as a result of this.

Gaming Laptop Brands

The gaming laptops from these gaming laptop brands are the best out there and should provide top-notch gaming experiences every time. These gaming laptop brands and models focus on gaming above everything else, which results in excellent gaming features and powerful hardware to make sure you get exactly what you want in a gaming laptop.

Here are some of the well-known brands and models:

acer logo 2011 1


Acer makes budget-friendly laptops perfect for both work and play. With high-performance specs at a lower price point, Acer laptops offer the best value while still maintaining good battery life lengths and reliable quality of construction.

If you’re looking for an Acer gaming laptop, I recommend Acer’s Nitro and Predator models. They have the best performance in their lineup of gaming laptops.

2560px asustek logo.svg


ASUS offers a great variety of laptops, ranging from lightweight and slim models to larger full-on gaming machines. At ASUS, they are always on the lookout for innovation in technology while ensuring that quality is never sacrificed.

The ASUS TUF and ASUS ROG laptop models are some of the most well-known gaming laptops on the market. The two ASUS ROG laptop line items include the ROG Zephyrus and ROG Strix.

dell logo 2016.svg


Dell offers the widest range of laptops and desktops in the market. They have a variety of laptops to suit all needs. Dell gaming laptops offer high performance and affordability which makes them perfect for gamers who want to save money without compromising on quality.

Dell’s best gaming laptops are the Dell G series and Alienware notebooks. The G series is known for its affordable pricing, while the Alienware line is well-known for its high performance.

1280px hp logo 2012.svg


HP has been making laptops and desktops for a long time and they continue to make laptops that are sleek and powerful. They have a budget-friendly line as well as all-powerful gaming laptops.

HP gaming laptops are known for their Omen lineup, powerful and great-looking gaming laptops. The other line of gaming laptops is called the Pavilion Gaming laptops.

2560px lenovo logo 2015 onwards 2.svg


Lenovo is one of the leading gaming laptop brands in the world. They are known for their wide range of laptops that suit different people’s needs. Lenovo makes more than just budget-friendly, everyday use laptops. Lenovo has a variety of gaming laptops that all come with dedicated gaming buttons and high-end graphics that make it easy to play your favorite games on them.

Lenovo’s Legion gaming laptops are one of the best and most sought-after options on the market. Starting with its most recent models, Lenovo has been delivering both performance and style.

micro star international logo.svg


MSI offers an affordable and reliable gaming laptop for everyone’s needs. Their laptops are slim, lightweight, and perfect for on-the-go gamers who want a good quality machine.

MSI produces a wide range of gaming laptops with 7 different product lines: the GS Stealth Series, GE Raider Series, GP Leopard Series, Pulse / Crosshair GL Series, Katana / Sword GF Series, Alpha Series, and Bravo series.

2560px razer wordmark.svg


Razer has long been a favorite computer company for gamers and over the years, they have developed their own line of laptops with high-end features such as dedicated buttons.

The Blade is Razer’s widely known laptop and it’s perfect for gamers who want both power and portability. With enough room to store all your favorite games without having to worry about running out of space, this device will suit anyone’s needs.

How to choose the best brand of laptop for you?

When choosing a gaming laptop brand it’s important to pick a gaming laptop brand that is reliable and offers gaming laptops that have the best specs for gaming. Nowadays most brands have about the same specs and reliability at a given price point, the difference within a price point in the cooling of the system.

What’s most important is the pick a gaming laptop brand that resonates with you. This usually comes down to price, design, and reviews.


Some laptop brands are catered towards high-end gaming and are expensive, like the Razer gaming laptops or the Lenovo Legion laptops. Other more budget-friendly options like the Acer Nitro and the Dell G series.


Some gaming laptops have a more gaming-focused design that is appealing to gamers like the MSI gaming laptops, while others have a more muted design like the Lenovo Legion gaming laptops.

Whatever the case is, pick a design that reflects what you’re looking for.


There’s no point in investing money into a gaming laptop brand that people have bad experiences with or has had recalls of their gaming laptops. You should look through gaming laptop reviews to see what gaming brands are the best gaming laptop gaming brands.

What specifications should I choose?

To ensure your gaming experience is the best it can be from day one, you’ll need to buy a laptop that can be upgraded later (these are still for sale) so it can last you for 3-4 years. The first thing I would recommend getting is an AMD Ryzen 7 or Intel I7 CPU and 16GB of RAM so your machine has enough power to handle any game on the market today. In addition, get a WQHD screen with a 100Hz refresh rate and high color accuracy in order to maximize gameplay quality! Expect to spend around $1100 with a max of $2500 if you really want to go all-out.

Want to know how to choose a gaming laptop? Take a look at the buying guide.

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