How to choose a content creator laptop?

November 15, 2022

Content creators need a laptop that they can use to write content and edit videos and photos. It is important to look for performance and to reduce the amount of time it takes to put videos and photo shows together. You need to make sure a laptop is powerful enough to handle the job.

  1. What type of screen size does a content creator need?

    Tom the tech chap recommends getting at least a 15″ screen size for a laptop. These are far more powerful than a 13″ screen size laptop. Although a 13″ laptop is better for portability, the performance benefits of a 15″ laptop are really huge. This is due to better cooling and thus more power.

  2. What graphics card does a content creator want?​

    It’s recommended to get a dedicated graphics card. They really give a performance boost and you’ll notice the difference big time. To make this easier look for a mention in the specifications of a GTX 1650, RTX 2060. If you want longer battery life go for a Max-Q version.
    The latest RTX 3060 (RTX 30xx series in general) makes it more difficult to know which one to choose. It depends on the needed power from the graphics card, 60watts is low and 115 watts is high. Before buying a RTX 30xx series laptop I would do a great deal of research to know if this will handle your workload. Also see this article from PC World about RX 30 series.

  3. What kind of display should a content creator have?​

    To get the best result you should get a laptop display that is color accurate. Look in the specs or read/watch youtube reviews for at least a 100% sRGB and a 95% Adobe RGB accurate screen. 
    Especially for video editors, it’s recommended to get a 4k screen. If you are not, you can do just fine with a 1080p screen, this will also save you battery life. 

  4. How many and what kind of ports does a content creator need?​

    When using a laptop, I think this is the most underrated portion (yes pun intended). My recommendation, for now, is to get at least an SD card reader, 1 USB A port, and a  1 USB-C Thunderbolt 3 connection. You can identify this by the lightning symbol. For the best internet connection try to get one with a LAN port.

  5. What sort of battery life does a content creator need?​

    When buying a laptop you really need to consider battery life. If you like to travel a lot and need longer battery life, go for a 1080p screen and a Max-Q graphics card. On the other hand, if you want maximum performance and faster renders with great detailed screen go for a 4k screen and an RTX graphics card

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