5 Laptop Tips For Beginner’s

December 6, 2022

It can be tough to know where to start when you’re looking for a new laptop. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. This blog post will share our top eight laptop tips for beginners. By the end of this post, you’ll know what to look for when shopping for your new laptop. So, let’s get started.

Do Your Research

Having a laptop that’s slow for your usage or doesn’t meet your expectations can be troublesome. It’s essential that you can use the apps and programs you’ll use daily without any problems. No matter if you use it for work, school, and entertainment, it should do anything you expect from it. However, buying a laptop can be a bit intimidating. That’s why it’s vital to do your research before you buy. 

First, you need to figure out what laptop is best for you. Do you want a touchscreen? What graphics chips does the laptop have? How big is the screen? Which features are most important to you?

To help you answer those questions, you can follow how-to guides or watch youtube videos. This way, you’ll always know what to look for. I researched and created three guides based on tech experts’ experience from around the web. Instead of researching, you can also ask for a laptop fitting your needs in the Suggest a laptop on Reddit.

Select your laptop

Once you’ve finally found your ideal specs (which can be very demanding ), it’s time to select your laptop. To help with this, I always go to comparison websites like Versus or Nanoreview. They make it easy to input your specs and filter out laptops until you find one that matches your requirements.

Watch and read some reviews

Once you’ve filtered through all the available laptops and found a few you think you like, compare some reviews. Checking reviews is an excellent way of getting an idea of what tech experts think about your next purchase. Luckily the web is filled with great reviewers like CNET, The Verge, NotebookCheck, MKBHD, Tom the Tech Chap, Jarrod’s Tech, Linus Tech Tips, and Dave2D, all giving their opinions on what is good and bad on a specific laptop.

By reading multiple reviews, you know what you’re getting yourself into. Reading and watching multiple reviews can be tedious, but you’d be surprised how many different findings multiple reviewers get. Sometimes it can be a real deal breaker if it’s important to you.

Of course, customer reviews can also help, but you’ll need to filter the comments well for those. It can be that a bad review is written just because they had a bad experience with something that is not important to them.

Compare Prices

Finally, checking some reviews, you might have one or two laptops that fit your need. You can almost smell, maybe even taste, your fresh and newly bought laptop! One of the best tips I can give you is to wait for ‘deal season.’ A few times a year, laptops will be on sale with great discounts. This can easily save you tens, if not hundreds, of dollars, euros, pounds, or whatever.

To make this even easier, websites like PriceSpy, Vetted, Honey, and Looria make the price comparisons for you, which saves you a lot of time and money! When comparing, also take into account shipping costs, taxes, etc. This can differ from store to store.

Buy From A Reputable Store

Besides the best price, you’ll also have to be sure that the store you’re buying from is trustworthy. Look for stores with a long trial period and a no-questions-ask return policy (if the laptop isn’t broken or what so ever). This way, you can try out your laptop, and if it doesn’t match your expectation, you can return it with no issue. For instance, to get a better spec’d version of your laptop.

Also, check out people’s experiences with a certain store and decide if you think this deal is breaking. A well-known website for checking online store reviews is Trustpilot.

To Summarize

When it comes to laptops, there are a lot of things to consider. Do your research, and discover what you need and what’s recommended for your specific case. Select a laptop that meets your requirements using comparison tools. Watch and read reviews from tech experts, and be careful in reading buyers’ reviews. Take it with a grain of salt. If possible, compare prices with comparison tools and wait for deal seasons before buying. Finally, buy from a reputable store with long trial periods and a no-questions-ask return policy.

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