5 Easy Steps for a Cheap Laptop Setup

If you are working from home or a college student who studies a lot, it's great to have a laptop setup. But did you know that this can be affordable and stylish? Let me inspire you with 5 good laptop setups that don't empty your wallet in one go.

If you are looking for a cheap laptop, it is important to know that there will be sacrifices. For example, cheaper laptops typically have lower-quality screens and fewer ports than more expensive ones; but if the tasks on your list fit in with these limitations then they can still get done.

Although obviously true, don’t forget that not all cheap computers or laptops are bad! In many cases -such as this one- purchasing a budget device may suit basic needs such as browsing the internet or writing blog posts just fine without much of an investment at all which would make them perfect starter options for those who haven’t already invested into their first machine yet.

You might be wondering what type of desk or table is best for your needs. The answer depends on how much space you have. In my opinion, a bigger desk is better. When picking a big desk, you can upgrade your setup with ease down the road and have space for it. For instance, you want to start with just a laptop, in the future, you’ll add a monitor and who knows another one. After that, you would like to fit some great speakers. So think about how long your desk should last you.

If you want to start cheap and small and don’t mind getting rid of your desk at one point. This desk from amazon is a great desk for starting out your Battlestation.

When looking to upgrade your laptop setup a mouse is often the first thing you’ll want to add. You will be able to do more things efficiently and even though a touchpad can be good for a lot of things, it simply won’t ever compare with an actual mouse.

What makes a laptop mouse different? Well, when thinking about it – not that much really. It’s still going to have two buttons and a scroll wheel. However, you’ll be able to click more accurately and faster because of how a mouse is designed compared to a touchpad.

Adding an external laptop monitor is a really easy and affordable way to upgrade your laptop setup. It’s perfect for those who want to work and play, as it makes multitasking so much easier. I personally use it to watch videos or movies while I do research on the other screen. Or sometimes I’ll have stand-up comedy playing on the laptop screen (just for laughs) while I work on my big screen.

When you stay all day long in front of your laptop, a cheap keyboard is an excellent addition to your cheap laptop setup. This way, instead of typing on the laptop’s keys that always type horrible, you can use a cheap keyboard that will help you type faster and more accurately. Furthermore, it helps prevent neck strain when looking down on a laptop.

If you have a mouse, an extra monitor, and a keyboard, you have in my opinion, the minimal cheap laptop setup you can get. This will help you be more efficient and it prevents some RSI because of the better ergonomics when using this minimal cheap laptop setup.

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