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Razer Book 13 (2020)


So here we have the Razer book 13, Razers ‘in between’ laptop. What I mean is that this laptop is created to sit between the gaming (Razer Blade) and the creator-powered laptop (Razer Studio). You get the amazing Razer package, (no RGB unfortunately) with well-considered specs. This laptop is great for some light gaming and video/photo editing and some graphic work. If you are a heavy user of both, there are better options. I think the average user will benefit from this laptop, but there are so much cheaper and better alternatives. Think of the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, or the MSI P65 Creator. An equally alternative is the Dell XPS 13 of late 2020. Reviewers from around the web give this laptop a great 8.8 score, which really says a lot.

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This laptop is good for average gaming. It won’t get the best FPS on ultra settings but it’s good enough for most games on medium settings. Also, the creators can get something done on this laptop. It’s not for the heavy user, but some light video/photo editing or 2d graphics can be done with ease and the screen is accurate enough for most creators. I wouldn’t recommend this laptop for an average user, it’s really pricey. You can get the same specs at a lower cost.

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  • Colorful WQHD 165 Hz panel
  • Long battery life
  • Good sound
  • Killer AMD and Nvidia performance
  • Clicky keyboard
  • Great ports


  • No webcam
  • Quite loud when gaming and demanding loads
  • Partially soldered RAM, with 32 GB total memory only an option for the 3080 models

Is Razer Book 13 (2020) worth it?

Because of how versatile the Razer Book 13 is, I’d have to say that it is worth the money you’ll spend on it. This laptop is meant for gamers and creators a like. It’s powerful enough so you can expect a good gaming experience and fast enough for video and photo rendering times. Know this is really an inbetween laptop. If you’re looking for an all-rounder, this computer will not disappoint, even though it is a little expensive for some customers.

Is Razer Book 13 (2020) good for gaming?

The Razer Book 13 is definitely good enough for some great gaming. Although it is sleek-looking and lightweight, it really packs a punch with immersive graphics and good enough FPS. It has the latest powerful CPU and Graphics from Intel, a great keyboard and a 60Hz screen. That being said, if you intend to play the latest games in the best settings, don’t expect the best experience.


Game Settings

Average fps, more FPS is better




GTA V (2015)




The Witcher 3 (2015)




Dota 2 Reborn (2015)




Final Fantasy XV Benchmark (2018)




X-Plane 11.11 (2018)




Is Razer Book 13 (2020) good for creators?

The Razer Book 13 will suffice for some light video editing and 2d work, but if you expect to do more advanced/heavy video editing or 3d rendering, this might not be the laptop for you. With its small screen, this laptop is very portable, it sports the latest CPU and a screen that’s accurate enough to give the best color representation. For those who want to know 98% sRGB, 70% NTSC, 72% AdobeRGB, and a 527 cd/m2 brightness the FHD screen.

Is Razer Book 13 (2020) good for an average user?

Considering everything together, I’d have to say that this laptop is not that great for the average user. Why? First of all, the high price, with a price tag over a $1000, it is just far more expensive than most laptops. This is partly because it has a powerful high-end CPU the average user likely won’t use. Yes, it does have good graphics, a nice-sized screen, and great reliability; however, since it’s the extras that bring up the price, and since many of those extras won’t be utilized by the average user, I think that customers should use their money on something cheaper but still appropriate for their needs.

Which Razer Book 13 (2020) should I buy?

If you’re considering the Razer Book 13, get an Intel i7 model. Why? Because the laptop’s memory and storage can be upgraded in the future. The I7 processor will last you a long time. In my personal experience with an I7, it lasted 6 years.







Best Razer Book 13 (2020) accessoires

When considering the best accessories for your future to be a laptop, Razer Book 13, I would consider the G502 Hero mouse, because of its wired accuracy and easy to adapt dpi precision. If you would like to get a much-improved gaming experience, I would suggest a Razer Core X with an extra GPU (the chroma version can second as a docking station for at home). Finally my personal favorite keyboard, the Corsair Gaming K70 MK.2. Although it has the name gaming in it, it’s still great for creators!

Logitech G502 HERO


Razer Core X


Corsair Gaming K70 MK.2


Razer Book 13 (2020) alternatives

The best alternative from a gaming perspective is the Asus ROG Zephyrus G14, which surprisingly enough is a bit cheaper with much better internals. If you are looking for an all-rounder for the same amount of money, go with the Dell XPS 9310 of late 2020. The price and score are almost the same. If you want a better Creator laptop, go for the MSI P65, which is the best laptop for creators at the moment.

Asus ROG Zephyrus G14 (2020)

27 reviews

Dell XPS 13 9310 (late 2020)

14 reviews

MSI P65 Creator (2019)

6 reviews

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The only non-gaming laptop in Razer’s lineup, the Razer Book 13 is a sleek and compact machine that reaches the very top tier of ultraportables in terms of design, performance, and features.
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Razer’s very first productivity laptop has totally blown us away because they’ve fixed so many of the issues we had with the Blade Stealth.. but there’s one issue we just can’t ignore.. We honestly prefer this laptop instead
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Lisa Gade reviews the Razer Book 13, their productivity oriented premium Ultrabook with a 13.4” 16:10 aspect ratio display and Intel 11th gen U series CPUs with Intel Iris Xe graphics. The Book 13 is a close relative to the Blade Stealth and both have anodized aluminum casings and excellent build quality. The Razer Book comes in a chill Mercury White color and it has a Razer Chroma per key RGB backlit keyboard. The full HD and 4K display options are excellent and target content creators. The laptop competes with the Dell XPS 13 and 13” MacBook Pro. Pricing starts at $1,200.
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The Razer Book 13 wants to be the best and fastest ultrabook and its targeted towards productivity and professionals. The biggest question is whether the Razer Book 13 vs Dell XPS 13 battle will favor the ultra portable laptop with the best battery life, build quality, port selection and keyboard or the best performance in our benchmarks. In this review we look at the Intel i5-1135G7 benchmarks and performance.
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Review of Ultrabookreview Review of Ultrabookreview Ultrabookreview
If you like Razer products and want something that you plan on using for normal day to day tasks, the Razer Book 13 is a pretty nice choice. The main highlights are the screen options, solid performance for what this is, long battery life, good input devices, and the excellent build quality. At the same time, this is an expensive ultrabook, especially the 4K model, and not without some quirks. I’ll get in-depth in the review down below.
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The Book 13 combines the design philosophy and performance of a Blade Stealth with the 16:10 display of a Dell XPS 13 for an impressive piece of hardware. Office users who want something more stylish than the typical Dell, HP or Lenovo will certainly find themselves drawn to the new Razer subnotebook.
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