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Microsoft Surface Neo

The Microsoft Surface Neo only has a hand full of hands-on reviews. Though I think this is a cool concept, I’m not sure about the use-cases.

Reviews by 7 trusted tech experts

Microsoft embraces dual-screen computing with the Surface Neo

Review of Engadget Engadget
Microsoft has been mulling over the value of a dual-screen computer for at least a decade, and now it finally built one. Microsoft hardware chief Panos Panay pulled back the curtain on the new Surface Neo at a press conference in New York, and it essentially looks like — what else? — a foldable Surface.

Surface Neo and Surface Duo tell you everything about Microsoft’s future

Review of Techradar Techradar
Steve Ranger explains that Microsoft has shown off some big new ideas for new devices, and they say a lot about how the company has changed. Read more: https://zd.net/2oJqcFo

Microsoft Surface Neo first look: the future of Windows 10X is dual-screen

Review of The verge The verge
Microsoft has created its own dual-screen Surface Neo device. It runs a new Windows 10X operating system that’s an extension of Windows 10 and designed exclusively for dual-screen and foldable hardware.

Surface Neo vs. Surface Duo: Microsoft’s dual-screen devices, compared

Although not much is officially known about the two foldable Surface devices, in this side by side comparison, we’ll give you a look at the design, performance, and portability of the two, and everything we know. Which of Microsoft’s dual-screen devices has the best chances at success?

With Surface Neo, Microsoft brings the dual-screen experience to tablets

Review of CNET CNET
The twin displays can accommodate having multiple apps open at once, thanks to the new Windows 10X operating system.

Surface Neo: Everything we know so far

Review of Windowscentral Windowscentral
Microsoft is building a dual-screen Surface PC that runs a new variant of Windows known as Windows 10X that will be launching to the public at the end of 2020. Right now, information around the Surface Neo is light, and that seems to be a deliberate move by to keep fans interested, and also not to give competitors an advantage by beating them to market. So, to keep everything it all in…

Microsoft Surface Neo: release date, news and features

Review of Techradar Techradar
There is no tablet… not one tablet, anyway – but two of them

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