Best Video Editing laptops of 2021 by Ben G Kaiser, Video editing Tech Youtuber

November 15, 2022

A fairly-known tech YouTuber for video editing tech, Ben G Kaiser with more than 63,8 thousand subscribers to this day, made his best video editing laptop recommendations of 2021. He made a list of more than the 30 best video editing laptops of 2021. What I really like about this list is that he looks at every price range. He selected about 5 laptops per price range. These ranges are from entry-level 1080p to high-end 4k editing laptops.

The best laptop 2021 according to Ben G Kaiser

So Ben G Kaiser chooses to make his top video editing laptop list at what kind of video editing experience the laptop gives. Starting with Entry level video editing laptops starting around $750 going above $2500 for the high-end 4k editing laptops. As usual, the links below are links from Ben G Kaiser’s youtube channel, if you decide to get one of these laptops, use the link from Ben, you’ll support him without any extra costs to you.

Entry Level video editing laptops – 1080p

Price point ~ $720 to ~$1450

Budget to MidRange – 1080 to 4k Video Editing Laptops

Price point ~ $760 to ~$1400

MidRange – 4k Video Editing Laptops

Price point ~ $1450 to ~$2500

MacBook Pro Line Up

Price point ~ $2000 to ~$3900

High End – 4k Video Editing Laptops

Price point ~ $1650 to ~$2500

From other reviewers

If you like to know what other reviewers think about a certain laptop, the laptops from which I collected reviews can be found below.

Source: Best Video Editing Laptops Heading Into 2022 | Video Editing Laptop Buyers Guide – YouTube

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