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Dell XPS 15 9510 (2021)


The Dell XPS 15 9510 (2021) is a great laptop if we can believe well-known tech reviewers like The Tech Chap, Matthew Moniz, and Notebookcheck. This laptop doesn’t only have the looks, it also has the performance, builds quality, and an amazing screen. The lack of a USB-C port and the fact your laptop runs warm when gaming is some of its downsides.

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When I finally saw some reviews about one of my favorite laptops, the Dell XPS 15, I was wondering what reviewers think of this great laptop. To find out, I watched and read 15+ reviews from well-known tech reviewers around the web. What do the tech reviewers say about the Dell XPS 15 9510 of 2021?

Is Dell XPS 15 9510 (2021) worth it?

According to Notebookcheck, Digital trends, Tom’s guide, and Tom’s hardware, the Dell XPS 15 9510, is a great all-around laptop. It’s one of the best ultrabooks you can buy at the moment. With its powerful hardware and beautiful looks, this laptop is perfect for creative professionals and students. Tech reviewers agree that Dell’s slim design still contains some strong performance, great audio, superior build quality, and a beautiful aesthetic. The slim bezel 16:10 OLED display is stunningly beautiful (if you can believe Tom’s guide) with excellent contrast and color reproduction. The keyboard and touchpad are both top-notch, and the battery life is reasonably long.

Although its OLED panel, and not well gaming optimized default energy mode make sure the battery life can be fairly short. Other downsides of the Dell XPS 15 9510 (2021) are the webcam, which delivers somewhat grainy and washed-out videos and images according to Tom’s Guide, GPU options are limited says PCmag and the USB-C only decision could prove to be an obstacle, certainly, if you are relying on ‘old’ tech that uses USB-A, and HDMI (a dongle anyone?). But if you ask me, these downsides are not that big of a deal.

9 things reviewers like

  • Slim bezels
  • Strong performance
  • Superior build quality
  • Beautiful aesthetic
  • Excellent creative and productive performance
  • Good keyboard and awesome touchpad
  • Gorgeous and bright 16:10 OLED display with beautiful contrasts
  • Reasonably long battery life
  • Spacious, comfy keyboard

6 things reviewers dislike

  • Expensive
  • OLED with PWM and increased power consumption
  • USB-C only could prove an obstacle
  • 720p webcam delivers grainy, washed-out images
  • While gaming runs hot and shortens battery life
  • Underwhelming GPU options

Which Dell XPS 15 9510 (2021) should you buy?

Although the Dell XPS 15 comes in many flavors, tech reviewers got the Intel 11th gen I7 version of the laptop with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050 Ti. This model is great if you do some light gaming or need a relatively powerful graphics card. But the cheaper option with the Intel 11th gen I7 with Nvidia GeForce RTX 3050, 16GB of RAM, and 1TB of storage would be the best choice. To save battery life go for the FHD+ version.

This configuration will deliver good enough performance for most things you can do on a multimedia laptop and will deliver high enough frame rates for some light gaming. Though the OLED screen looks better, the Full HD will save your battery life and money. These specifications, although relatively expensive, will suffice for most people.







DDR4 3.200MT/s



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Reviews by 16 trusted tech experts

Review of Andrew Marc David Andrew Marc David
This is the unboxing and first look review of the Dell XPS 15 9510 with 3.5K OLED Display with Intel Core i9-11900H & NVIDIA RTX 3050 ti by Andrew Marc David
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Tally Ho Tech
New Dell XPS 15 2021 9510 Review (9510) OLED. With Intel 11th Gen 11800H Nvidia RTX 3050 Ti. Is it the Best Windows laptop with the XPS 17. A MacBook Pro 16 Killer. Will it beat the M1
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Review of Andrew Marc David Andrew Marc David
This is the review of the Dell XPS 15 9510 with 3.5K OLED Display with Intel Core i9-11900H & NVIDIA RTX 3050 ti by Andrew Marc David
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Review of Matthew Moniz Matthew Moniz
The 2021 Dell XPS 15 9510 is in a better place then the previous model from 2020. It comes packed with a I7-11800H, 16GB of RAM and a RTX 3050 TI GPU. It’s not perfect but it’s going in the right direction!
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The Everyday Dad
Today we’re following up with the latest release from dell. The new XPS 15 has a stacked processor and GPU but that’s kind of risky putting that much power in such a small laptop.
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Review of The Tech Chap The Tech Chap
Dell XPS 15 9510 (2021) Review! Is the RTX 3050 Ti, 11th Gen CPU & OLED screen worth the upgrade?
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Review of MobileTechReview MobileTechReview
Dell’s 2021 refresh of the XPS 15 (model 9510) bring Intel 11th gen CPUs, up to NVIDIA RTX 3050 Ti graphics and an absolutely striking 3.5K OLED touch screen. The laptop is also available with full HD+ and 4k+ IPS 500 nit displays. All are 16:10 aspect ratio with Dell’s signature barely there bezels. The XPS 15 uses 45 watt CPUs with your choice of a Core i5,Core i7 or Core i9. It has Killer Wi-Fi 6, quad stereo speakers, a fingerprint scanner + Windows Hello IR camera and a large MS Precision trackpad. As ever this is a unibody aluminum laptop in your choice of Arctic White with woven white interior or silver with black carbon fiber interior.
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Review of Reviewed Review of Reviewed Reviewed
The Dell XPS 15 9510 is a luxurious laptop that feels fantastic to use, though its performance is just okay for the price.
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Review of sellbroke sellbroke
For years, Dell has created some of the most premium Notebooks in the market place. With the newest model in Dell’s library, that legacy continues. Recently, the Dell XPS 15 was updated to the 9510 model. This new model contains multiple new features: a display option of 3.5K OLED Intel’s
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Review of Laptopmag Review of Laptopmag Laptopmag
Dell’s XPS 15 OLED has a striking ultra-thin chassis with outstanding performance, powerful speakers and a massive touchpad. It’s the ultimate 15-inch laptop for those willing to trade battery life for a mesmerizing 3.5K OLED display.
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Review of Tomsguide Review of Tomsguide Tomsguide
Dell’s XPS 15 OLED is a pricey, powerful machine with an eye-catching screen that effectively straddles the line between sleek ultraportable and beefy gaming laptop.
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Review of PCmag Review of PCmag PCmag
Now available with an OLED screen, an 8TB SSD, and Intel “Tiger Lake-H” processing, the Dell XPS 15 is our top pick among premium desktop-replacement laptops.
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Review of Digitaltrends Review of Digitaltrends Digitaltrends
The Dell XPS 15 is fast, beautiful, built right, and offers up a gorgeous OLED display. It’s a dream machine for creative types and power users.
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Review of Tomshardware Review of Tomshardware Tomshardware
Not much else has changed, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.
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Review of T3 T3

The Dell XPS 15 9510 offers a lot of features, including cutting-edge processor performance and a bright, clear 15-inch OLED screen that makes your content look great. The step up to the larger screen has some downsides, though. The laptop is much bigger and heavier than the XPS 13, and it is much more expensive – especially with the OLED display and NVidia 3050 Ti GPU. But that’s a reasonable price for such a feature-filled package that puts some real performance in a portable.

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Review of Notebookcheck Review of Notebookcheck Notebookcheck
Notebookcheck reviews the Dell XPS 15 9510 with the Tiger Lake-H i7-11800H, GeForce RTX 3050 Ti as well as the brand-new 3.5K OLED screen.
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