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  • Collected on August 17, 2022

    ROG Zephyrus G15: Lean, mean, gaming machine

    The ROG Zephyrus G15 (2022) GA503 is easily one of my personal favorite devices that I’ve reviewed so far in 2022. It’s about as close as it can get to a plug and play PC gaming experience. And that’s not something you can say for many laptops and/or PCs. 

    The Zephyrus G15 (2022) brings with it a distinct look, top-notch gaming performance, and a really solid audio-visual experience. As a gaming laptop, this is about as perfect as it gets and is something I can easily recommend especially if you’re willing to splurge for it.

  • Collected on July 30, 2022

    MacBook Air (M2, 2022) review: all-new, all great

    Bottom line: With its M2 chipset and all-new design, the new MacBook Air (2022) is the best MacBook that most people should currently buy.


    • Powerful M2 chip performance
    • Smart new industrial design decisions
    • Excellent build quality and software


    • Price hike over M1 MacBook Air
    • Some right-hand side ports would have been appreciated
    • Not as striking as wedge-style design
  • Collected on July 30, 2022

    M2 MacBook Air vs M1: Spending $200 has never made more sense

    The MacBook Air with M2 is in many respects a significant improvement over its predecessor. It offers better performance, a more modern design, an improved display, and some smaller but notable improvements.

    If you are one of those users who use the MacBook primarily for everyday tasks, such as surfing the web, reading emails or watching videos, you should consider whether the new design is worth it compared to the cheaper $999/£999 M1 MacBook Air. A M1 Macbook Air will be able to handle all these tasks without any problems.

    But if you do more with your MacBook or use it for professional applications such as video editing or photo editing, the M2 MacBook Air is definitely worth the extra money compared to its predecessor. In fact, if your budget allows, we recommend jumping to the higher-end model with a 10-core GPU for the extra storage and better graphics. And as always, you should buy as much memory as you can afford

    The M1 MacBook Air is definitely a good machine even at more than a year and a half old, but you’ll be much happier with the newer MacBook Air in a year or two.

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